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We at Rug Cleaning Nashville can help you clean your area & wall-to-wall rugs. Don't risk destroying the beauty, value, or luxurious texture of your home's rugs by trying to do your own area rug cleaning. You may think it's okay to use a commercial rug cleaning product for your Oriental or Persian rug cleaning needs, but it isn't! The fact is, there are significant differences between carpet cleaning and rug cleaning. For example, something as simple as not properly ridding the rug of fine, nearly invisible dust before washing can permanently damage it?

Remember, whatever you do, don't entrust them to a generic carpet cleaning company that doesn't also specialize in rugs. If a carpet cleaning company offers to clean your rugs on site at your home, beware. Proper thorough rug cleaning can't take place in your living room, due to the methods necessary to safely clean it.

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Professional rug cleaners don't take your rugs to their shops simply to be inconvenient or charge you more. In order to ensure that your rug is cleaned properly, a complete inspection must take place. Everything about your rug, from the materials it's composed of, the weave technique, and the types of dyes present, can affect the cleaning process in disastrous ways if not accounted for. There are quite literally thousands of rug manufacturers, and that doesn't include a source of the rugs that may be the most valuable-hand crafters. We're able to assess the materials of your rug and its construction to clean it safely.

Rug Cleaning Nashville employs only professionals, and we have all of the expertise required to keep your centerpiece rug looking its best. We're well versed in the specialized requirements of rug cleaning, from the needs posed by different materials to the methods that work. Not only do we do routine cleaning, but we're experts at stain and odor removal as well. We can even safely clean heirloom rugs, which may have frayed due to being passed down through the generations.

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