Installation, Cleaning & Refinishing Wood Floors in Nashville

Of course, you can ask, why do I wood floor refinishing professional service when wood floor cleaning isn't difficult, and probably one of the things that attracted you to having a hardwood floor to begin with. If you are conscientious about protecting localized high traffic and sweep and dust regularly to avoid leaving find dirt that can grind into your floor's finish, that's nearly all you need to do.

When there is a spill or stain, any standard wood floor cleaning product usually takes it right up. The rugs you use to protect areas that get a lot of foot traffic should be those especially designed for use on wood floors. These are simple guidelines, and the day to day care of hardwood flooring is nearly effortless.

There are few flooring options as elegant as real wood flooring. Hardwood floors reflect the natural beauty of their finish, giving your home a lustrous, living glow. In addition to being beautiful, hardwood floors are durable - they can last a lifetime when treated with care.

But when your floor needs more than a routine daily cleaning, you need to call a professional.

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Wood Floor Refinishing vs. Cleaning

The last thing you want to do is ruin a floor that could last the rest of your life with minimal care because you decided that knowing how to clean wood floors on a daily basis meant you also knew how to do wood floor refinishing.

First of all, there are different methods to try depending on the severity of the wear or damage, and only a professional can properly assess your floor to decide which method is best suited to the situation. Also, not all wooden floors are manufactured using the same processes or materials, and using certain methods on certain floors may necessitate more than repair-you may end up needing a floor replacement.

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