Carpet Cleaning Goodlettsville

We at Carpet Cleaning Goodlettsville care about our loyal clients. We give all returning customers a personal care, he or she deserves. We believe that this is what makes us the number 1 service provider in town. Call 615-346-9262 to get a free quote for your carpets and for your upholstery furniture.

Cleaning Solutions

Our cleaning solutions involve dry and wet cleaning, truck mount machine and much more. DIY methods are great for small spots and easy to clean surfaces. However, when dealing with rough stains, bad odors and such, professional cleaning is simply a must. Using the latest methods, equipment and qualified team of experts really makes the difference.

Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning can be used for every fabric you can think of. You can clean your carpet and rug, couch or arm chair with it. Carpet Cleaning Goodlettsville sprays an absorbent compound with very small amount of water and detergents solvent. It removes all stains and odors deep inside the carpet and sofa and also takes less time to dry, as less water is used.

In rare cases dry cleaning might actually not be suitable for delicate fabrics. Carpet Cleaning Goodlettsville knows on which cases it is not advised to use it. You can consult us at any time and also try to check the manufacturers' instructions.

Goodlettsville carpet steam cleaning

Wet Cleaning

Wet Cleaning is a common method, suitable for all synthetic fabrics. It uses vacuuming, precondition and shampoo of the carpet; removing dirt and making it smell fresh and clean. Finally, we use an additional vacuuming, making sure no dust mites are left.

Goodlettsville Carpet Cleaning always makes sure your stains are completely removed and your fabric is not damage. We have tested all products and type of fabrics so we know what should and what should not do. We're also using a sophisticated pH balance formula that cleans specific fabrics, without damaging it.

Carpet Cleaning Nashville at 615-346-9262 welcomes you to give us a call and to hear more about our cleaning offers.