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When looking for low maintenance floor coverings, consider installing a carpet. Whether you go for maximum coverage with a wall to wall carpet, or choose a smaller carpet, to accent your de'cor, if you follow Carpet Cleaning La Vergne tips below, your carpet will service you for many years.

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Carpet and Rug Care

Three elements are essential to proper carpet and rug care.

  • vacuum the regularly (once every week or two).
  • Treat spills immediately to prevent staining.
  • Have your carpets and rugs professionally cleaned by Carpet Cleaning La Vergne once every two years

if you are conscientious about steps one and two, you can wait a little longer, but if your carpets are in high-traffic areas you may require more frequent cleaning.

Don't let the idea of home carpet cleaning scare you off. With Carpet Cleaning La Vergne on the job, the job takes only a few hours and leaves your carpets looking, and smelling, like new. Using high-tech carpet steam cleaning equipment, that doesn't introduce any toxic chemicals or harsh detergents into your indoor environment, they flush out the dirt that makes its way down to the base of your carpet. What's more, steam has been proven to be highly efficient at both pet odor removal carpet stain removal.

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Carpet Cleaning La Vergne gives you carpet care tips to follow in between professional cleaning session:

  • Vacuuming doesn't require much muscle, so it is a great chore to delegate to children. Just let them turn up the radio - or plug in some earphones - and dance away as they vacuum the entire surface.
  • Your first response to a spill should be to remove any hard matter or gently blot up any liquids with an absorbent white towel or rag. Avoid rubbing, as this may cause the spill to spread, or might cause fiber damage.
  • Test all products that you intend to use on your carpet, regardless of what the label says. Apply some of the product to a concealed area of the rug and check for discoloration or damage.

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